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NOTUS energy

Interview with Sascha Bauer, NOTUS energy

Sascha, thank you for taking the time. Your collaboration with Ambrosys was about "data services" - honestly, that doesn't sound that exciting yet ... what was the challenge?

Turbines and photovoltaic panels are already generating a lot of excitement themselves!  "Data services" is the working title of our revolutionary asset management tool. We aim to design a master tool for integrating commercial and technical aspects of renewable energy plant operation. Let me put it this way: this tool is designed to make plant operators and other stakeholders want to use it - even over their morning coffee already. This is where the excitement of the tool lies: clear answers about performance, possible errors, production and yield in MW and Euros, and much more; all this presented in a user-friendly, elegant UI. With this tool, we create added value that's second to none.

No one else can do that yet?

Exactly! We are the only one to offer such a solution so far. We are on our way to becoming the undisputed industry leader in automated energy forecasting, thanks to our deep understanding of data. Our new solution required a paradigm shift. Instead of digging through ten different data sources, we're consolidating all inputs into one data lake, hence are extremely flexible in how we handle data. By fully understanding what can be done with data, we can provide deeper insights and greater value than others. Alert and compliance management? Only we can handle that. And if you can master the complex tasks, the basics are a piece of cake.

So it’s the icing that convinces you, even more than the cake?

Oh, absolutely! Facing challenges and having the opportunity to set new standards are extremely fascinating to me. That's the only way real innovation can happen.

And in this paradigm shift, as you say, Ambrosys has accompanied you?

Definitely! Ambrosys understood right away where we wanted to go. They quickly got on board and worked exactly as I expected: the result is what counts in the end! Thanks to the collaboration with Ambrosys, we were able to scale quickly. It is precisely for this agile development that I want to bring reliable partners on board.

Tell us about working with Ambrosys.

Ambrosys lives and breathes agile development. This may be unfamiliar to some customers at first, but I have known and appreciated SCRUM in software product development for many years. We have seen that in an agile way of working, all change requests can be implemented in a structured way. The managing directors of Ambrosys introduce their tasks directly to the team and , in addition, imbue  them with their enthusiasm for the product. When people understand the requirements and the passion is palpable, things flow. We work very closely together, so we can express our requirements clearly and make sure they are understood.

Did everything always go smoothly in your collaboration?

Certainly, there have been occasional challenges, but at the end of the day, what counts most is the ability to self-reflect and a goal-oriented error culture that makes growth possible. That's exactly what we've experienced with Ambrosys. At this point, thank you for listening so closely!

For what task or to whom would you recommend Ambrosys?

Ambrosys is a broad-based company in many ways. So I would say anyone who needs intelligent, data-driven algorithms or wants to build data-driven platforms should look into Ambrosys. I'm sure it won't fail when it comes to interpersonal relationships either.

Thank you very much for this conversation.

Thank you, it's been a pleasure!


Translation: Andreas Speck