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Get algorithms, ML and physical models packaged and deployed—turn-key.

Ambrosys consists of an inspiring melange of physicists, information engineers, and  mathematicians, complemented by a top-level financial office. We are problem-solvers, and our tools are brains and software.

Ambrosys GmbH is dedicated to the conception and implementation of solutions on the top-level. As a high performer, we process tasks using the latest technology in order to secure a technological and new edge for our customers.



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Design principles follow clean architecture rules.

Our platforms are developed on cloud systems as microservices in containerized environments like kubernetes. We develop typically in languages like Python, C++, Scala but also support the classics e.g. Java. Handling SQL databases, mainly PostgreSQL and OracleDB, is a standard skill of every Ambrosys member. Likewise we hone our techniques with No-SQL databases such as Cassandra, MongoDB or Elasticsearch.