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New business models with value-added data services


New business models with value-added data services

"We came to know Ambrosys as a knowledgeable, creative partner."


Thomas Kiwus, enercity AG


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Project key data

3 people

2 weeks

Strategy workshop for evaluation and design of new business models

In-depth knowledge and many years of experience in the energy generation and distribution market

Why we like showing this case

We don't just do IT and data science. Over many, many projects, we have built up extensive industry expertise, for example in the fields of energy generation and distribution. When we are asked to use this expertise to help our customers with new business models, we know that our efforts are paying off - in the truest sense of the word.

We are particularly happy when such business model helps many small and medium-sized companies become climate-neutral, thus supports our own corporate values.

Task and solution

enercity, ranked within Germany's ten largest energy suppliers, not only supplies companies throughout Germany with green electricity, but also offers its customers energy management systems. The time had now come to go one step further: The data collected in energy management could be re-used as the basis for a climate neutrality management system. In this way, small and medium-sized companies that do not have such systems of their own can become climate neutral. Cities and municipalities can also use such a tool to manage their own contribution to the energy transition and climate neutrality.

In a strategy workshop, we helped enercity to systematically map the requirements for such a climate management system and develop it into a viable business model: From analyzing the target group and their needs to capturing existing systems and practices to a precise customer promise, service design and the requirements for the solutions to be developed. The result was an implementable business model canvas.

Making money with data - how does it work?

Data is the most precious feedstock of the 21st century - but it is also a feedstock that is often not yet rigorously exploited. Value-added data services are applications that build on existing data to create additional benefits or added value.

Data value-added services can be used internally if a company wants to improve its own operating procedures, optimize business processes or make better-informed decisions.

However, they can also form the basis for products that can be further monetized. Here, the applications, just like the value creation models, are pretty unlimited: In our example, these were tools for energy and climate management, but applications for industry benchmarking, target group analysis, trend forecasting and many other purposes are just as possible.

A supplier that helps to make money with data should not only bring powerful data architecture and intelligent data science to the table, but also have an excellent understanding of the market and business logic. Ambrosys can offer both in its core markets of energy and mobility!


Questions or thoughts about business model development or value-added data services? Dr. Markus Abel is looking forward to your message.

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