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Supercomputing platform for highly automated vehicles


Supercomputing platform for highly automated vehicles

Central Car Server


Project key data

36 months

Engine for hardware-software codevelopment on Central Car Server, simulation ecosystem for AI-driven applications on a car server

Secure data management, data versioning, hardware-software engineering interfaces.

Python, Typescript, Node.js, React

GPU coupling, Docker, serverless service

Our motivation

The importance of computing for mobility is growing exponentially. But the development of new hardware components, especially for pioneering technologies such as the Central Car Server, requires close cooperation between development partners. A tool that would allow the work of hardware and software suppliers to be coordinated holistically does not yet exist. So we are expanding Mantik – a platform for collaboration on AI algorithms, largely developed by us – to include distributed simulation components, communication and data storage. The aim is to facilitate and accelerate hardware/software co-design through versioning and collaborative elements in the sense of CI/CD, to reach a new level of quality and bring products to market faster.

Features we are contributing

  • Testing of software on high-performance infrastructure and automatic accounting of results
  • Monitoring of running simulations and setup of simulation plans
  • Full control over resources, such as executable virtual machines, containers, machine learning models, hardware connections, etc.
  • Secure access for your partners to your hardware & software via the Internet without distributing links
  • Easy sharing of development results between hardware & software partner teams

Advantages of the simulation platform

  • Seamless collaboration between chip and software manufacturers
  • Reduced time to market for innovative automotive solutions
  • Faster prototyping and iteration loops
  • Easy integration with external services
  • Automatic over-the-air software updates


Questions or thoughts about supercomputing in cars or simulation platforms? Dr. Markus Abel and Dr. Rico Berner are looking forward to your message.


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