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The innovative benchmarking and controlling tool for your dairy farm


Cowpare - revolutionizes the processes in dairy cow farms.

"The innovative aspect of the collaboration was the translation of our idea into a user-friendly solution. In this way, we discussed, thought about and developed further in joint meetings. It was inspiring to always get insights into the working methods by participating in the sprints and thus to always know the current project status.


This gave us the opportunity to avoid misunderstandings and incorrect programming. A very special closeness was established due to the very flat hierarchy and the pleasant "you" culture. Last but not least, the project benefited greatly from this. So all in all, we are very happy to be working with Ambrosys GmbH and to know them as a reliable partner at our side."


Dr. Matthias Simon, Innovationsmanagement, Cowpare Rinderzucht BB



Project key data

3 people

24+ months

Complex queries for cow breeding

Data engineering

Vue, Python

Kubernetes, PostgreSQL

Advantages & Highlights

  • Optimally structure workflows, production areas and management systems


  • Analysis of health, performance, fertility and genetics of all cows


  • Possibility to compare your own farm, top farms and farms with comparable management


  • Controlling of the most important key figures and the success of optimization measures


  • All evaluations always at a glance Browser-based from anywhere in the world with any mobile internet-enabled device




Cowpare - overview




Cowpare - overview



Like any other business,

dairy farms have goals.

In order to achieve these goals, however, they must analyze problem areas and, in the next step, optimize and erase them.

This process is enormously simplified and accelerated by Cowpare.



Networking the individual data from the various different farms is an optimal solution.

This is exactly what Cowpare offers as an innovative benchmarking and controlling tool.

The most important key figures from the areas of health, performance, fertility and genetics are always available for retrieval.

Every month, an automated report with graphically key figures is made available on a monthly basis.




All these features are combined in a web-based user interface, which you can
view and edit within your personalized area.
All you need is a user account and the analysis can start.


So, let´s try it!



Cowpare - overview




Questions or thoughts about how to make a farmer's life easier with data intelligence? Dr. Markus Quade is looking forward to your message.

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