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There’s an easier and quicker way for most processes. Work smart, not hard

Automation & Optimization

The savings from doing a task in an automated way vs. doing it manually can easily reach a factor of 100 or beyond. But that’s only a part of the benefit. Automated processes are less error-prone, because they avoid human mistakes and biases.


Successful automation requires a deep understanding of business logic and domain know-how, which we ensure in the initial phases of all our projects.


Automation and process optimization, when done by Ambrosys, is scalable, secure, end-to-end integrated, and adheres to best DevOps & CI/CD practices.

Advanced algorithms

Automated modeling

Automated task planning

Physical models, e.g. for multi-objective optimization, capacity planning and forecasting

Questions and Answers

Which customers can Ambrosys help with data platforms & apps?

If you

  • deal with larger amounts of data of any kind
  • manage technical assets based on data
  • want to make informed decisions based on your data
  • look for convenient dashboards to monitor important parameters
  • want to provide stakeholders easy data access
  • wonder wether your data are already analyzed in the smartest possible way or
  • are interested in opportunities how to monetize your data

we’d consider you an ideal match for our skills.

Our customers for data platforms or apps can typically be found in the following industries and markets:

  • energy production or distribution
  • livestock farming
  • weather and climate forecasting
  • smart mobility and tolling
  • autnomomous driving
  • or many other others, e.g. in resource and task planning or asset management. Just talk to us how and where we can help.
How can I be sure that Ambrosys is the right partner before committing to a major project?

There are various ways to make your leap of faith a little easier. E.g. we start with a lightweight consulting project to design the concept - paid by the hour. Then, we complete an MVP at a fixed price. Several shared-risk options are possible in the case of long-term cooperation.

What is the best way of working together?

The most effective way we can work for you in the long run are our lifecycle teams. This means: The same dedicated team is responsible for development, deployment, operation, maintenance, scaling up and advancement of your system. This way, communication becomes smooth, motivation high on both sides, and bug fixing easy.

How do I know that quality standards will be met?

We go out of our way to train our teams in effective DevOps behaviors, as they make complex software systems reliable, adaptable and efficient. Among this set of best practices are continuous integration, continuous deployment, monitoring for rapid detection of deviations, and transparent versioning systems.